ART PRIntS, CarDS, bOOKMArks, INVitatIONs & giFT TagS

Art prints are great gift for birthdays, anniversary, christening… or any other special occasion, especially if you put them in a beautiful frame.

Looking for a card that can have your special person birthday date, name, favorite quote?
Yes! All of this is possible to put on a card with my existing illustration.

Need an invitation for baby shower? christening, birthday, wedding??? Or announcement for an arriving baby?
Let’s design something different and beautiful!




Art prints of my original illustrations are 23x23 cm with white border of 1 cm all around (size of an illustration is 21x21 cm) printed professionally on 350 gsm card stock. They look great framed and displayed on the wall, shelf or at the desk table and make a nice decoration for the nursery room, kids' room, your office and beyond.
Personalized prints are option with my existing illustration, which I can personalize with a name or a short quote upon your wish. Sometimes clients ask me to paint an original illustration and then make prints of that illustration so they can give as a gift to their family.


Some people still appreciate to get a nice message written in a card. I usually make a small edition of cards with my original illustration in size 15x15cm with the blank inside for your message or drawing.
They are professionally printed on 350gsm high quality card stock and come with an envelope.
Personalized cards are always an option, with your message, name, quote on the front of the card. Also custom made illustrations and cards with that illustration can be a great way to have a personalized invitation, thank you card, or a card for any other special occasion.   


Be original and send out customized and totally personalized invitation for your special occasion, like baby shower, birth announcement, birthday party, baptism, bachelorette party, wedding or any other kind of party. We can choose one of my existing illustration and than customize your invitation or I can make completely new illustration for your invitation. They can be in any size you like, but if you need an envelope than better to stick with standard sizes.


Remember where you are at in your favorite book with these cute little bookmarks. A print of original artwork is displayed on the front of each bookmark. They are professionals printed on 300gsm card stock in size 6.5x14cm than finished off with hard lamination and I can add a special touch with my hand made ribbon tassel.
Personalized bookmarks with my illustration and with a name or a quote upon your wishes can be a great gift for your guest at the wedding, baptism or any other special occasion.


Gift tags with my illustrations are 6x9 cm printed professionally on 350gsm card stock. I usually offer them in a set of five so you can store them and have them ready when ever you need a small card to write a short message together with the gift. You can than attach them to the gift with a little peg or make a punch hole and put the ribbon. I have a client who gives them as a gift voucher to her clients.




Book with the story about your child's adventures with my illustrations can be a gift your child will cherish for the rest of his/her life.
It can be printed in what ever size you like and with soft or hard cover.
The one in the photos is 30x30cm, has 6 illustrations, text was written by a girl's mom and the book has soft cover with glossy lamination.