It always makes me happy when I get inquiry for a hand painted piece of clothes. I know it is for a special occasion and that it will be worn with a proud and get lots of compliments, so I need to make it very special, personalized and with details that make everyone stop and admire.

I don't have lots of projects like this but when I do, I really enjoy working on it. This was a gift for a baptism for a boy, so my client and I decided to make a bit longer shirt with rounded "Petar Pan" collar. Material that I chose is 100% cotton with satin finish and because of that it is a bit shiny and gives the shirt special occasion and expensive look. My friend seamstress Jasminka is so talented and she perfectly sewn the shirt and we added cute little beige buttons with white dots.

We decided to paint Erik holding the cross and I wrote his name on the collar to make it even more personalized. For a special unexpected detail I painted a little cloud at the back. It turned out really nicely and mom of a boy loves it.


Sending you my smile with a huge hug!