Charity bazaar

IWAK’s Spring charity arts and crafts bazaar

As you may know, joining the International Women's Association in Krakow - IWAK, made it living here much easier. Besides meeting and making friends with so many lovely ladies from around the world, I also had the opportunity to lead the art group for the association as well to organize the annual charity arts and crafts bazaars.

Yesterday, at the association's May coffee morning at Sheraton hotel, I organized and participated in my last charity bazaar together with seven IWAK members. 

I am really grateful for this opportunity IWAK provided for us 3rd year in a row and this year, same as the last one, we donated 10% of each sale to the IWAK’s charity fund. 

Here are few photos from the bazaar taken by talented photographer Anna Spiridonova.


And now off to a new adventure and a new chapter of our life. Please keep in touch and keep following me for the updates.

Hello from Poland!

Hello my friend!

It's been almost three months since my last post. Hope you missed me :D
Why so long??? I don't know, it must be that I needed a break, a time to process the thought that I am from now on living in another city and another country, also a time to settle down at my new home in Cracow. After 4,5 years living in Qatar it was not easy to let go of things I built there. But the good thing is that we have internet and that I can still see my friends on Skype.

Krakow, Poland, main sqare (rynek)

Krakow, Poland, main sqare (rynek)

I have to admit that I've started falling in love with Cracow. I know it is early to say that, today is my 17th day here but so far everything is perfect. Even the weather, which I thought would be bad, is actually really nice and warm. I worn flip-flops today!

I am still exploring the city... and so far I have a feeling that this is such a cool city with a lots of cool places to see and experience, like bars, restaurants, small shops... 

I've also found out about one cool project started 2 months ago by one couple from Cracow called Eat Away. You basically go to their web site and choose the host and go to their house to have a lunch or dinner together. Hosts are usually local people but I think there are also expats who live here for some time too. So, my husband and I went to the brunch on Saturday to a lovely home of Kasia and Bartek who prepared a vegetarian food for us and it was amazing experience. It is a great way to meet local people and their lifestyle.

I've also joined volunteering group of locals and expats who are helping other expats with the problems they are facing once they decide to move here or who already live here and are having some issues. I volonteered to help with the art related things so now I am in process of getting to know about the art and culture in the city. 

My research started the first week when I arrived, I started looking for an arts and crafts shops and have already found few. And today I went to ul. Józefa which is located in jewish district and it is renowned for its artistic atmosphere, created by the numerous contemporary and traditional art galleries and shops. I took lots of photos of my favorite  shops so here they are...

Amazing illustrator with a studio/gallery/shop called Lokarna on Josefa street in Krakow

Amazing illustrator with a studio/gallery/shop called Lokarna on Josefa street in Krakow

Sending you my smile with love,