Lovelies for Sugar&Spice

I have to admit, I love enamel mugs and these one I've created for a special client who has a gorgeous cafe/restaurant in Doha are so special!

enamel mug
enamel mug
enamel mug
enamel mug
enamel mug
enamel mug
enamel mug
enamel mug

I am really in love with them, they look so lovely and sweet and they are going to be a perfect addition to that gorgeous cafe. So happy and honored I had a chance to design them :D

Photos curtesy: Sugar&Spice Qatar

Group painting and a group exhibition

Last week, my art group had a wonderful idea to meet and paint a big painting together. On the day, the weather was so beautiful, sunny and warm, maybe even too warm and we decided to paint outside. More than ten of us got together and we found a nice spot near Wawel castle under the umbrella of one of the cafe. We painted on the floor a big painting, 1x1,2m big. The painting was finished in about 3 hours and we decided to donate the painting to the IWAK (International Women's Association of Krakow) for the next Christmas Charity Auction. 

Here is a glimpse how it was.

On 2nd and 3rd there was an art festival in Osijek, Croatia called ReArt. During the festival, there was many things happening and one of them was an illustrations exhibition called Never ending story. I participated in this group exhibition with one of my illustration "Girl in a field of daisies" and my younger sister, little nephew and niece went to see the exhibition since I was not in Croatia <3.

illustrations exhibition
illustration exhibition

Sending you my smile with love,


Hi my dear friend,

It's been a month since I joined the Make Art That Sells students and alumni in a challenge of making something every day for 100 days. I've decided to make patterns in different techniques. So far I am doing them digitally because it is much faster when you need to make one each day. They are just a quick drawing and than translated and finished in photoshop. I also use Adobe capture to make a new pattern from the existing in just a second.

Here are some of them

I really hope I will manage to get it to the ned of 100 days without skipping a day.

Sending you a smile with love,

I am back, baby!

I am back from my long vacation and have already started working on commissions. My vacation started with the road trip in California. We traveled from Cracow to San Jose and than San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Barbara and LA. We took Highway 1 from SF to LA and that was amazing, the view is so beautiful. We made few stops to see it better, one was at Ano Nuevo State Park where we saw elephant seals chilling on the beach. 


Second part of our vacation was in Croatia where we spent a week in our town Zagreb and than about 10 days on island Murter. Few days before we left the island we went on a little boat trip to Kornati, that made my vacation magical!

My orders are piling so here is what I have done so far, now off to paint 20 more of these cute little metal tins for one of my favorite client Saleh from Sugar and Spice restaurant in Doha in Qatar.

Sending you my smile with love,

Personalized gifts

Hi my dear friend!

It was so busy these days over at my studio. I left a big mess which I need to clean now because I am closing the studio for a long holiday season. I know I won't be able to just lay down and do nothing but with lots of traveling I probably won't be able to do much. That is why I had to finish a lot of personalized commissions and I am so happy with all of them.

Paintings for the nursery room


Pillows as a gift for an arriving babies

Decoration and a toy for an arriving baby

Framed hand painted dolls and quotes (toilette signs for a restaurant in Doha). I made these signs last year for them but unfortunately one doll got stolen so I was asked to make new ones.

And a sugar comes last: a hand painted dress for a baby girl.

Now I am off to ship everything and end my working season with a big celebration trip to California.

Sending you my smile with love,