Back to Doha

Hello my friend!

After two months of Croatia I'm finally back to Doha, my home for two and a half years now.
Croatia  was beautiful, lovely and amazing. I was traveling a lot, visiting my mom, sisters, spending time on a beautiful Croatian coast... This summer was also a bit different, I was working on a lot of painting orders...

This past week I spent with my mom and sisters in Osijek and I've decided not to do any orders, to be able to spend my time only with them.

Now I'm back to my home in Doha and I'm already in my studio making to do list and working on some new ideas for my paintings. I have already applied for a table at a craft market at the Inspiration Station on 7th September and expecting invitations for new bazaars and fairs... I will keep you posted on my page Events or you can subscribe to my mailing list

Sending you my smile and love,