My online shop at Little Majlis

Little Majlis online shop

This week I was excited about opening my first online shop at Little Majlis.

Little Majlis is a specialist online market for handmade and artisan products, marketed by Gulf–based artists, designers, cooks and crafters.

I've decided to go with them because they curate sellers and they ask for good photos of the products we are selling. It is also still enough small that people can find your item and not get lost in a mass of products.

I have listed just a few of my products and I am adding more every few days.

Gift tags - Digital collection in shop on Little Majlis

Gift tags - Digital collection in shop on Little Majlis

It is great to have a shop because now I am more focused when taking photos as I know they are asking for certain dimension of the photos for the best visibility. Also I take more photos to show the product from different angles and to show the texture or material... 

It would be great to hear from you what would you like to see in my shop???

I am also participating in Katara QatART Handmade Market in Doha this Friday, 6th February if you wish for something unique and handmade :)

Sending you my smile with love,