Lilla Rogers Bootcamp 2015

It has been a while since my last blog post. I hope you've missed me :D
First I was traveling for Christmas and then since I came back to Doha I had so many projects to work on that at one point I was blocked and couldn't put my self back in a creative mood.

One of the biggest things I signed up for this year is a Lilla Rogers bootcamp for illustrators. It is 6 months program and every month we get the assignment to submit. January assignment was Edwardian brooches inspired journal and here is my submission.


I was really struggling with the assignment and almost didn't submit my work but then I told myself what can you loose? NOTHING! Only the brave survive :D

I am now looking forward to the next one!!!

Lots of things happened since I arrived Doha. I continue leading the handmade community in Qatar called QatART and we organized a handmade market on Friday 23rd January. Here are few photos:

Lots of projects are waiting so see you next Monday!

Sending you my smile with love,