Happy Birthday To Me

Hello and welcome!

Happy Eid aDha to my Muslim friends!

Last week was my Bday!!! 

Happy Bday To Me!!! 

It was on Thursday, 10th October :) 

I'm 36, wow!!!

I'm so grateful for all the messages, emails, calls, songs and pictures I got :) 

It was one beautiful day and you made it more special! Thank you all!

I love this poem written by my talented and funny friend:

There once was a girl

Her name was Dommypoo

She had so many paintings,

So many were new.

They were stashed in the cupboards,

They were stacked on her chair.

And her poor old husband,

Was tearing out his hair.

But what’s a poor girl 

Supposed to do.

There’s simply no wall space,

When you live in a shoe.
— by Aly Prabhu

Last week I started working on my new paintings for Christmas, Silent Night and Singing Christmas Bird.

Silent Night in progress

Silent Night in progress

Next Saturday I will be selling paper goods with my illustration Little Pink Angel at the Pink Ribbon Awareness Day at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Doha. I hope to raise more money for breast cancer patients for their treatment. 
Come and join us for a day dedicated to increase awareness of breast cancer. 
Several talk-shows and workshops will take place focusing on healthy lifestyle, prevention, early detection and testimonials from survivors.

Pink Ribbon Awareness Day
Ritz Carlton Hotel, Al Mukhtasar Ballroom
19th October from 10:30am-12:30pm (noon)

Have a lovely week!

Sending you my big smile with love,