Cute Christmas Paintings

Hello and welcome!

It's been a year since I've decided to write my blog posts every Monday.
You can come over every Monday to read what was happening during the past week and if you don't want to forget, you can  register for RSS Feed and my Monday blog post will be delivered to your email box at the moment it's been published.

So, what was going on last week???

My group and a handmade community called QatART with 6 of us in our board team was organizing our first event in collaboration with Inspiration Station on Friday. We were doing everything from registering vendors, making decorations for the venue, putting the tables and decorations, cleaning after, to designing the promotional materials and promotion of the event. We are all doing that on volunteer base and I can say we did a great job.
Congrats to all my girls: Aly, Mel, Janiththri, Leila and Gabi and all our helpers for making it such a success.

Here are the photos from the event - Freaky Friday

My hubby and me at Freaky Friday

My hubby and me at Freaky Friday

I was photographer at the event + I had a photo booth for taking photos of people with my handmade Halloween props. It was such a fun day!

Along with all the preparations for the event I was working on my Cute Christmas paintings and one custom ordered painting.

Nora and Ornella by Dominika Bozic

Nora and Ornella by Dominika Bozic

How did I manage to do all that?
I don't know but I know I spent my Saturday afternoon in bed resting.

I've already confirmed my participation in few events during November and December.

First one is on Saturday, 2nd November at Museum of Islamic Art Park bazaar from 12-7pm.

Now I'm off to start designing my Christmas products!
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Sending you my smile with love,