Time for peace and quiet

Hello my dear friend and welcome to my newest Monday blog post.

I'm having a blast in Croatia surrounded with my family and fiends.
Happiness is all around me :D

What I've been doing since I've arrived?
I had a little bit of time to visit artOmat - market where Croatian artists and designers sell their latest work. I can say that most all of them have products of great quality and design, I was truly impressed.

There are also few locations in the city center with outdoor arts and crafts markets. I didn't have time to take photos except at Advent na Zrinjevcu located in park Zrinjevac, 2 minutes walking distance from Zagreb main square.

I also made one cute painting for little girl Marija.

Now it's time for little bit of peace and quiet, for hugs and kisses, for beautiful food, for Christmas tree and gifts :D

I wish you all Merry Merry Christmas and happy and blessed Holidays!
x Dominika