Customized cupcake boxes

Oh, I missed two of my Monday blog posts because I was working so hard on few projects simultaneously. Now I'm back and want to tell you all about them.

First project
First project was designing and making  handmade brooches, key chains and iphone 5 covers for the limited edition of uncuffed products. It's a bit different from everything I do with red and black felt, lace and Swarovski crystals. The client was more then happy with all of them.
I don't have the photos but once I get them I'll publish them.

Second project
Second project was for famous restaurant in Doha called Sugar & Spice. They've asked me to do artwork for cupcake boxes and wish cards as a special limited edition for their 2nd Anniversary.
Here are some photos of the original artwork and in the next blog post I'll show you the photos of cards and boxes.
Celebration is on Sunday, 9th February from 10am-10pm so don't miss it! 
You will also get a gift as their customer, something cute and tasty.
And of course write your wish for their 2nd Anniversary!

Third project
Third project are paintings for my upcoming group exhibition with my art group in Qatar called International Artists Doha from 29th April to 3rd May 2014 on a theme  "Rooh al Hayat (The Essence or Soul of Life)".
I've already started making my work for the exhibition based on my drawings from when I was only five years old. My grandmother kept all the drawings my two sisters, me and my two cousins made at her home. Now when I went back home for Holidays I brought them with me to Doha and I'm using them as sketches for the paintings.

work in progress by Dominika Bozic 

work in progress by Dominika Bozic 

Fourth was a Bazaar on Saturday, 1st February at the Museum of Islamic Art Park. It was so nice and some of the members from my other group - QatART handmade community were next to me so we could chat and help each others.

Now I'm off to make more art!!!

Have a lovely day :D

Sending you my smile with love,