Personalized gifts

Hi my dear friend!

It was so busy these days over at my studio. I left a big mess which I need to clean now because I am closing the studio for a long holiday season. I know I won't be able to just lay down and do nothing but with lots of traveling I probably won't be able to do much. That is why I had to finish a lot of personalized commissions and I am so happy with all of them.

Paintings for the nursery room


Pillows as a gift for an arriving babies

Decoration and a toy for an arriving baby

Framed hand painted dolls and quotes (toilette signs for a restaurant in Doha). I made these signs last year for them but unfortunately one doll got stolen so I was asked to make new ones.

And a sugar comes last: a hand painted dress for a baby girl.

Now I am off to ship everything and end my working season with a big celebration trip to California.

Sending you my smile with love,