Happy 5th Bday to Les Chérubins!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  Happy 5th Bday to Les Chérubins!!!   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Fifth year was a year of changes. After 4,5 years of life in the desert in Qatar, I moved together with my husband to Europe. It was not an easy decision but we are happy about it. 

Main square, Krakow, Poland

Main square, Krakow, Poland

Moving to a completely new city, Cracow in Poland at the end of August 2015 where I don't know anybody or anything was a bit stressful. First few months I was pretty sad: no more creative friends, no more markets to attend, no more regular customers. Then little by little I started knowing the city, meeting new people, found some creative people, joined the International Women Association Krakow... started getting orders from their members, also from some of my regular customers who don't care where I am or where I am shipping from :D just care that I am still available to make something unique for them :D bless them!!! 

Highlights of the fifth year

In November I made and donated a painting I called "Let's make the world a better place" to the International Women Association (IWAK) for auction and all funds went to "Przedzkole specjalne Nr.100" located in Nowa Huta (it is a special institution dedicated in supporting the development of children with special educational needs -www.wboxi.com/site/przedszkole100.pl

"Let's make the world a better place"

"Let's make the world a better place"

Through IWAK I found out about weekly fashion workshops at Slow Fashion Cafe where I now learn how to make clothes for myself. I also use their sewing machines to work on my own projects like toys and pillows. It was where I met Tamara and we are now making customized hand painted clothes together. She is designing and sewing clothes for kids and women and I am painting them :D

Around Christmas time I participated in 2 markets together with two of my local friends. I presented special Christmas collection of paintings, cards, bookmarks and gift tags and a few hand painted toys. I liked the one called Krakow LAL and would like to participate in it again because it is only for companies who make products for kids so people who come to visit are looking for products for their little ones.

In March I joined the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp for artists 2016 which ends in July. I am trying to keep up with the assignments but with lots of traveling and custom orders I am falling behind. Great thing is that I have all the pdf's for the assignments so I can do them later but pity my work won't be in their monthly online gallery.

On 19th May 2016 I organized a little Spring exhibition with 13 members of the International Women Association Krakow at Sheraton Hotel which was a great success and I am hoping for more events like this. Exhibition was open for IWAK members only.

As I mentioned before, this year included lots of traveling. New Year celebration in New York as well as lots of trips to Croatia, since we are just 9 hours drive from home and our families. 

Union square market, NYC

Union square market, NYC

Have a nice summer!

Sending you my smile with love!