Flying with the Fritzi Flock

Hello my friend!
I am finally back from my long vacation.
I had a really great time with my family in Croatia and I've crossed one thing off my bucket list - New Year in New York!
Just few days before I left for holidays I joined an amazing community of illustrators and those who want to become one called Fritzi Flock
Come and join us or follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Our first assignment was to paint or draw our selves as a bird, so this is me :DDD

Every Friday we get a new assignment and then our leader and amazingly talented illustrator Johanna Fritz (check out her page) posts the photos on Instagram every day from that day until the next Friday assignment.
I missed a few assignments since I was on vacation and did't want to carry all my art supplies on my travels but now I am back and can't wait to get back to work!

Hope to see you soon and give me a follow on Instagram or like on Facebook.

Sending you my smile with love,