Another Market

This time of the year is really busy for me... lots of markets, bazaars and custom orders. Sometimes I wish I can clone myself :DDD

This Saturday I was at the Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar.

My table at MIA Park Bazaar in November 2014

My table at MIA Park Bazaar in November 2014

In the beginning I was melting in the sun,  it was 35 degrees but later on it started cooling down with a bit of a nice breeze. Unfortunately, the part where I was located at didn't have lights so after the sunset my table was in complete dark and I had to pack my stuff before the bazaar finished. Anyway, I had a really good time. I love being outdoor and this is the perfect opportunity plus I can hear the feedback from the visitors. Thank you a lot for visiting my table and showing your interest in my work :D Thank you all who left their contacts, I have already added you to my mailing list so you can start receiving my cute emails.

My next market will be at Virginia Commonwealth University on 15th November where they invited only Doha-based makers of art, design and craft plus their students and alumni to showcase their work. I am so happy they picked me to participate in this market and I am really looking forward to it!!!
Hope to see you there too!!!

Sending you my smile with love,