4th Annual Group Exhibition of the International Artists Doha

This year it's been 3rd time that I am participating in a group exhibition of  International Artists Doha. I am so grateful to be part of that group along with other 22 artists from around the world.

This year exhibition was on a theme The Essence of Life. My paintings were based on my drawings when I was only 5 years old. It was really interesting painting them and constantly analyzing things in drawings and asking my self what was I thinking back then... Lots of mixed emotions... but I am really happy I've done that :D

Grand opening of the exhibition was on 30th April and it was magical and really successful. Exhibition was there for 3 more days until 3rd May.

Thank you all for coming to our exhibition and making it so special.

If you are interested in seeing more of my work please come this Saturday to Doha Mums Summer Market at Radisson Blu Hotel in Doha from 11am to 4pm as I am going to have a table there.

Looking forward to see you all!

Sending you my smile with love,