2nd Katara QatART Handmade Market

This was a dream... and now we made it happen :DDD

A handmade community, of which I am founder, called QatART in collaboration with Katara Art Studio organized 2nd handmade market at Katara Art Studios Courtyard on 25th April 2014. It was magical and beautiful. Our members were working together to make handmade decorations and signs for the market and everything looked just perfect.
Here are few photos to get an idea if you haven't got a chance to visit it:


And if you wan't to see more about this market you can visit this page

What I haven't expected were two journalist coming to interview me :D
Oh what a treat :D
We were all so excited and happy especially when we saw articles in the newspapers the next day!!!

Oh I'm so late just finishing my painting for the upcoming exhibition on Wednesday!!! Hope to see you at the opening :D Here is invitation and link to find more information.

Sending you my smile with love,