Christmas gift for a girl

Christmas is just a few days away... people are thinking about their loved ones, what to buy or make for them as a gift to thank them for being nice to them. Couple of years back my family decided to stop buying gifts so we can enjoy more for being together and not feeling bad if we didn't buy the right gift or we didn't spend enough money on the gift or we spent too much money on gifts... it makes us then sad and uncomfortable...

But little ones are different, my nephew and niece, my babies. For this year, I had so many commissions so I've managed to make only a gift for my niece, my nephew will get something special but not made by me ;)

I bought her a doll pram from Polish company called Bajo and I made a bed linen which I than hand painted. I sent a photo to my friend Paula from Doha and she suggested to personalized the pram as well. Paula has two daughters, always searching for gifts for them and she is full of amazing ideas. Thank you Paula for this advice!!!

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season! I also hope that you are spending time with your loved ones and that you are happy and full of joy! If not, please promise me you will try to forget all the bad things that are happening or happened and make a room in your heart for peace and love.

Merry Christmas full of blessings!!!!

Sending you my smile and love,