I'm a freelance artist, living and working in Zagreb, in Croatia. I make paintings and illustrations as well as hand painted decorative pieces and hand painted clothes. 

I love creating things that transport you to a dream or an imaginary place. I also love when my clients challenge me with their ideas to create something special and unique just for them. Especially if it is a personalized and one of a kind item for their nursery, kids’ room or any other room with the simple purpose of bringing happiness to their homes and a smile on each face. 


I grew up in Osijek, in Croatia with my parents and two sisters. Since my early age I loved drawing and painting. Since my grandmother was a seamstress and my father had a small company for designing and making kids clothes, I was surrounded by fabrics and sewing machines as long as I could remember and was making clothes for our dolls and sometimes even for myself (not very successful). All of that defined my path and I went to study fashion and textile design and I graduated with a degree in fashion and textile design in 2002 from a Textile and Technology Faculty in Zagreb, in Croatia. At the last year of my university, we had a choice to specialize in fashion or textile design and production, so I've decided to take on a textile design and production.


After I finished the university, I was struggling to find my way in art, and since it was very difficult, I started working and had worked for several different companies for about 10 years. Every spare moment I used for drawing, painting and creating. I do believe that working with hands connect us deeply with our heart and soul.

My adventure as a freelance illustrator and artist started only after my husband and I moved to Qatar in 2011. It was very challenging in the beginning but little by little my dream started becoming a reality and I started working on my brand Les Chérubins {French = cherubs, little angel}. My 'kids' themed design brand blossomed from my passion for a whimsical, cute characters and colorful and unique pieces of art. 


The response to my work at my first bazaar in Doha in November 2011 where I presented few Christmas themed paintings and postcards together with felt brooches I designed and hand sewn, was great so I continued participating and selling my work at markets, fairs and bazaars around Doha. I am very thankful for the fact that I started in an environment full of people from almost every country so that my artworks, originals as well as prints, can be found in many homes around the world.

I am also grateful that I had the opportunity to join the International Artist Doha group and be surrounded by artists from almost all continents, with different ideas and approaches towards art, learning about different techniques and styles from each and one of them. Together with them I've participated in yearly group exhibitions and regular art workshops. 


Being a member of that group made it easier to become a member of the Qatar Fine Arts Society and as their member I've participated in their annual group exhibitions and one art symposium. 

One more great thing that happened in Qatar and that makes me very happy, is that I was a founder and a leader of a community of people who make handmade products in Qatar called QatART, which remained active after I left. There, I had an opportunity to meet amazing and talented artisans from over 30 countries and even collaborate with some of them. We were organizing our own arts and crafts markets at Katara Cultural Village in Doha.


In September 2015 my husband's job relocation brought us to Poland where I pursued my freelancing and after joining the International Women's Association of Krakow (IWAK) I decided to start another art group for the members only. We have regular monthly meetings where we paint, draw and create together. For three years I've been organizing small exhibition and bazaar for this association together with our creative members.


In June 2018 we decided to go back to our country, Croatia for a while and take a little break from our expats life. 

In my spare time I learn new things through the online classes like Make Art That Sells, read lots of inspiring blogs from other artists, watch videos about marketing and business. Another passion I have is taking photos of new places, people, events and I always take photos of my artworks and products. I am as well very much passionate about interior design and I follow many stylist and read a lot about it. Also, going to the flea markets or thrift shops is one of my thing. They are great place to get inspired by all those old things which once made their owners happy. I am in sport from my early age. I was playing volleyball for the local team until I was 17. Now I go to different exercising classes in a nearby gym, I love riding a bicycle, rollerblading, playing volleyball and dancing salsa (I know only the basic steps :)))) 


2016 - 2018 founder and leader of the International Women's Association in Krakow Art group

2013 - 2015 founder and leader of QatART (handmade community)

2012 - 2015 member of Qatar Fine Arts Society

2011 - 2015 member and social media and new members coordinator of the International Artists in Doha